Solar energy in its simplest terms, energy provided by the sun. It is generate power by converting solar radiation into electricity. Electricity can be produced directly from Photovoltaic (“PV”) Cells. These cells are mainly made of number of layers, at the heart of those is the Polycrystalline silicon layer where the light is absorbed and converted into electric current.

Fossil fuels, as the name suggests, are very old. Although humans probably used fossil fuels in ancient times, it was the Industrial Revolution that led to their wide-scale extraction. In just over 200 years, we’ve consumed an incredible amount of them, leaving fossil fuels all but gone and our climate seriously impacted.

Fossil fuel reserves are finite and it's only a matter of when they run out. Solar and other renewables are the only help that can provide sustainable energy sources and substantial benefits to our climate, our health, and the global economy.

Solar energy produces minimal if no emissions and thus help protects mankind future and reduces global warming. Depending on location and the electricity grid sources mix, 1 MWh of solar electricity can saved/displace around 0. 5 to 1 tone of CO2.

Life is changing. The day of in which Solar and renewables will be the one and only energy source is coming. PTC is trying to contribute and play a major role in developing making this history.


Polycrystalline silicon, also called polysilicon, is a high purity, polycrystalline form of silicon.

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Ingots and Wafers

Ingots and Wafers come as the second stage of the PV manufacturing value chain.